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    Internet Failover for POS Systems

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    Unlimited Wireless 4G LTE and
    Internet Failover Bundles

    Farmers Internet is a fixed-mobile internet provider that offers unlimited 4G LTE plans for rural homes

    and businesses across the United States including Internet Failover connectivity for Point of Sales sys-

    tems for small and medium-size rural retailers in the event of a natural disaster when their primary fiber

    connection fails.

    Unlimited Wireless 4G LTE
    Connectivity Bundle

    Unlimited 4G LTE wireless bundles are available in remote rural markets where consumers and busi-

    nesses that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access a conventional broadband connection.

    Wireless 4G LTE Failover Connection
    for POS Systems

    No wired internet connection is reliable 100% of the time.

    Cable and DSL connections sometimes fail due to factors outside of your control, like natural disasters,

    accident damage, technical malfunctions, upstream interference, and intentional sabotage.

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    A wireless failover option protects your business’s internet connection from the vulnerabilities of wired
    infrastructure with a backup option that activates when your wired connection fails and there by
    reconnects your point of sales system.

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